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Knowing more about LV Bell

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Want to know more about the person writing the story? Read on...

Hello all! I am LV Bell and if you haven't figured it out yet, I am a complete amatuer with blogging and other social outlets of technology, so please bare with me as I learn.

As mentioned before somewhere on this website, I am a newly published, rather soon to be published author. My first book, Tiptoeing Through Tulips is set to be released to the public for purchase December 15, 2018. This is the first book in a duet series of which I am currently working on the second and conclusion of.

I am a 43 year old full time working married mother of five + two bonus daughters. I have dreamed of writing a book since I was in grade school! I used to write poems and short stories up until I had my first child and then writing took a back seat to mother hood. About eight years ago my mother gifted me a Kindle for Christmas, which surprised me because I was never a big reader. However, once I activated my account it was all over, I was reading every possible second I had free of ever day and night. I was so addicted it actually became a probelm between my husband and I! Finally my ever supportive and stubborn hubby convinced me to stop reading so much and start writing since that was my passion anyway. He took care of the kids on countless weekends when I would lock my self in our bedroom and type away for months! Finally I emerged with the finished rough draft of my manuscript. The rest is a long road of tireless editing, adjusting, online research...etc. and here we are now!

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