• L.V. Bell

Life is crueler than fiction!

As stated before I am an extreme amateur with social media and blogs! But as is the cruelty of life with great hope and exciting news can often come devastation and heartbreaking news! There aren't any excuses as to why I hadn't updated my blog for four months. Just the facts, I'm a ridiculously busy full time working mother with the usual exhausting duties that come along with that narrative. However, just when I thought life was turning up and I would finally be accomplishing my life goals unexpected sorrow and loss threw me off course! I unfortunately lost my job of over 23 years on December 31st and then on January 3rd the most loving and extraordinary woman I have had the pleasure of knowing for almost 25 years, my mother-in-law Ann Bell (pictured above with her loving husband and best friend who had passed 10 years and 1 month almost to the date of her) unexpectedly passed away! Words cannot express the deep sadness this loss has caused my family, my husband was beside his self for many weeks and is just know beginning to get back into the regular flow of life. My children have lost the backbone and matriarch of the Bell family and I have lost a best friend. You may wonder why I would post a blog on my author website about my mother-in-law, well let me tell you why. If not for the woman above I would most likely never have published my book! Where my husband and children encouraged me to write it my "momma 2" as I referred to Ann, pushed me to send the manuscript out to publishers and pursue the dream to the end! She was the first person in my entire family to read my book and assure me of my talent. She was the only person in my life that believed in me beyond my own insecurities and concerns. Where my mother encouraged with caution and my husband backed me with his own overloaded schedule, Ann pushed me up and gave me a firm kick in the butt assuring me that God wouldn't have given me the gift if He didn't expect me to use it to the fullest! She told me the only failure I could ever have is by not trying to do all I can with my abilities. I will never forget the love, compassion, guidance, honesty, and unwavering strength Ann Bell showed me everyday! She will be greatly missed and although she passed mere days before I received my first printed copies of my book Tiptoeing Through Tulips her memory was in every word and she will most definitely be in every written word from here until the day we are united again!

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