Available for purchase in print or digital form online at Amazon or Banes & Noble. I am also working feverishly to finish the first copy of the duet and conclusion, Weathering The Stone. Please let me know what you think of my first published book and keep in touch with my Blog as I will update and communicate as much as my busy life will allow. I hope you enjoy my book and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Tiptoeing Through Tulips


Eloise Ambers has always been a fighter, even at twelve. When she violently loses her parents, she is forced to grow up quickly in order to carve out a life for herself and her cousin Suzanne, eventually finding a stable home and fulfilling career in Denver. But Eloise still struggles to live an ordinary life while concealing her past from friends and colleagues-a past that presents a very real danger should it catch up to her. On the heels of a bad relationship, Eloise is about to give up all hope for a normal future when two polar opposite strangers enter her life: One is drop-dead gorgeous, overbearing, and blunt; the other is kind, protective, and mysterious; and both men are completely out of her comfort zone. Worried about letting anyone into her dangerous, crazy life, Eloise fights hard against her feelings as the past catches up to her-with life-changing consequences. Will she be strong enough to stop fighting and let someone in?

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