Me? You really want to know about me? Well, you asked for it.

I am a 43 year old full time working mother of five + two bonus daughters and currently three dogs. I am actually trying to convince my husband of 18 years that we need some pigmy goats. Unfortunately I am not fairing well on that battle!

I started writing as early as first grade. I was one of those kids who really didn't like school but loved the assignments of writing about our lives and dreams. I have always had an overly active imagination and found from a very early age that writing was a great outlet for my dramatic tendencies. I started with short stories and poems through my teenage years up until my first born. Once a mother as it usually goes for women with families, especially big families like mine, I put aside my hobbies and dreams to raise my children to achieve theirs.  However by happen chance of a gift from my mother on Christmas of a Kindle about eight years ago my passion for writing was rekindled (pun not intended). My husband insisted relentlessly that I pursue my dream of writing a book and becoming a published author. Finally after months of weekends locked in our bedroom as he ran the house and kids I emerged with my manuscript.  

I hope you enjoy the story and please let me know your true thoughts!