Tiptoeing Through Tulips


Tiptoeing Through Tulips is the story of Eloise' journey for normalcy after a childhood of horror. With her parents murdered when she was only twelve years old, Eloise was forced to grow up and carve a life for herself and her cousin Suzann. Through years of trial and error she has managed to secure a college degree, a stable home in beautiful Denver Co., a fulfilling career, and a new family appertaining to her cousin and their small group of close friends. However, despite her accomplishments Eloise just can't seem to avoid getting hit by life's irritating curve balls. At the end of an unfulfilling relationship Eloise is just about ready to give up the struggle of normalcy and give into her demons when two completely opposite men enter her life. One hulking, overbearing, drop dead gorgeous. The other kind, protective, and incredibly mysterious. Both completely out of her comfort zone. Of course being the strong willed and yes, stubborn woman that she is, Eloise fights against her feelings with all her will power. But in the end she finds she must learn to trust those feelings and defeat her past in order to have a future. The question that remains unanswered isn't if she is strong enough to fight but rather is she strong enough to let go.

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I felt bold and empowered-not just by the alcohol running in my blood, but from the security of his hold. The protective vibe emanating from his body gave me strength.